Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Preggy Me @ 10 Weeks

Although I tire easily during these weeks, we were able to still go out the whole day Saturday.

I'm 10 weeks, 2 days pregnant here. This is what I wore: my Little Miss Fighting Maroon shirt and a garterized skirt hehe.

We had lunch with the Flyfish gang. It was months ago when we last saw them, just a lot of catching up to do. Two of us are pregnant, well three (we heard the good news that Saturday - Steve and Rhea, when will you join us?)!

And then we hang out at Jose’s place. Although it was just me, Joema, Charline and Allan who went there. We played this card game Sequence. Very challenging game, really. Can’t wait to play it with the others hehe.

Then we had dinner at Tric’s place. Watched the qualifying round of the Hungarian GP there. Was so happy Vettel was P1. Tricio was asking why I liked the guy when he wasn’t even cute. Well first of all, I like him because I believe he’s a very good driver, and I think he doesn’t look bad. When Vettel is wearing his casual attire, shorts and shirts, he’s cute in a Justin Bieber kind of way haha! Anyways, we also watched Pisay there, although we weren’t able to watch the start of the film. All of us were hooked by the time their first year was over.

I should make a separate post on the Hungarian GP but I think, or I would like to believe, this should be related to my pregnancy post. If you’ve watched the race, you’ve seen that Vettel went from first to third just because he had to do a drive-through penalty because he trailed behind more than 10 cars when the safety car was about to go into the pitstop. First off, I think he was instructed to do that so that Webber can lead for more than a few seconds because he needed those precious seconds for him not to lag behind the leaders after his pitstop. And then Vettel had to do the drive-through penalty that left him third! I think it was a bad strategy from the Red Bull management. It was the first time I cried over a race. Yes I cried – I believe it’s because of the hormones haha! My husband had to tear me away from the TV and had to stop me from watching because I was throwing things at Christian Horner (on our TV) when I saw him clapping after Webber’s pitstop. Haay!!!! Was so emotional that night! I can only blame it on the hormones. Vettel has had other disappointing races, I don’t know if this was the worse, but I never cried. Sure, I was sad but never ever cried. The hubby is threatening never to let me watch the race again if I ever become that emotional again. I don’t know if I can do that. Well, hopefully no more disappointing races so that I won’t be too sad with the race hehe. I have three weeks before the next race. The F1 drivers will probably go on city breaks before Spa by the end of August. Let's wait and see.


Ria Hazel said...

wow. Preggy preggy you! :) COngrats! :)

cris said...

Thanks, Ria! :)

Anna said...

you look cute cris! forever garterized skirts and bottoms na yan eventually. though di pa halata your bump! we shall see it grow in future Preggy Me posts, i can't wait!!!

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