Wednesday, September 08, 2010


Went to the Bloomberg office in Makati this morning for training. The training was basic training on how to use the Bloomberg terminal, the functions used, the different screens, the special keys in the keyboard - that sort of thing. how to But the training wasn't the highlight of our visit to their office. I was so delighted with their office - free food in the pantry hahaha! They had brewed coffee, chocolates, chips, cookies, biscuits, fruits and a ref full of beverages! If I work there I don't think I'll be able to work, I might end up eating all the time haha! But sseriously, I really wished I was working there. Aside from the pantry, I was also fascinated that all of the staff there had multiple screens (3 or 4!).

Photo from here.


Anna said...

Shucks may Bloomberg office pala talaga dito noh? Before I went to law school, fresh from college, that was one of the companies I was dying to apply to!

cris said...

you should apply now. sobrang cool ng office nila parang ang social ahaha!

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