Saturday, September 04, 2010

Preggy Me @ 14-15 Weeks

Sorry I haven’t blogged in such a long time. But don’t worry I have updates. I just hope I can keep them coming.

Wasn’t able to blog on my 14th week but here are two photos during my 15th week.

@ 15 weeks and 1 day

@ 15 weeks and 2 days

Got sick during the last week of August. Was so scared because I kept thinking on what might happen to the baby. Night of the 30th, I wasn’t able to sleep properly due to my clogged nose. When I woke up, I wasn’t’ 100% okay so I decided not to go to work. Which was probably a good thing coz around 10am I was already feeling really sick, I was cold even if the fan was turned off. I was begging the husband to come home already. Sent a text message to my OB to ask what I can do, she advised me what not to eat – spicy foods, shrimp, crabs, dried fish, bagoong, eggs, chicken, mango, pineapple, citrus fruits and all sweets – and to drink only water (plenty of it) and milk. I was told only to drink Biogesic when my temperature reaches 38. I wasn’t able to eat lunch, although I did eat a heavy breakfast (rice and veggies). My husband was able to come home after lunch – yey! After taking my afternoon nap, my temperature shoot up to 38.5 so that’s when I had Biogesic. By night time, I was feeling so awful I asked Joema to take me to the hospital. Although I was thinking twice about it because there I heard from a colleague that a lot of people are getting sick nowadays. I might get another illness when I go to the ER with other sick people. So we scrapped the idea and just rested at home. By morning of Tuesday, I was feeling a lot better. And then I stayed home again on Wednesday to rest fully. That was an awful, awful experience especially because of the baby. I was so worried about what might happen. I don’t know if I should cover myself with blankets because I was so cold or not because I kept thinking on what my OB said (during our first meeting) that hot temperature is to be avoided. I was getting paranoid thinking what if my baby gets cooked inside my tummy because it was so hot in there.

Since that week, I’ve been drinking milk. I tried Anmum but I really don’t like the taste of it even if we add choco powder. So we switched to Cowhead – the Lite variant with the light blue label. Surprisingly I liked the taste of it (this is with choco powder of course). But when we ran out, we had to buy the original variant of Cowhead with the blue label (SM doesn’t have the Lite milk). And I hate the taste again. But I think I have to drink milk na so Joema and I bargained, I’ll drink milk as long as the glass is not full (only half-full or half-empty hehe) and it’s always with choco powder.

Oh I also started feeling the baby although I haven’t really thought about it that way. My friend only asked me if I am starting to feel it and she told me I’ll be feeling something wiggling. When she told me this, I instantly knew it must have been the baby I was feeling. I thought I just ate something bad (air in my tummy) or that I was pressing too much on my tummy (I think I first felt it when I was lying face down on our bed – don’t worry I don’t really sleep like that, I think I just happen to do that position when I was finding a position I can sleep in, must be having trouble sleeping that night). But after my friend and I had that conversation, I haven’t felt the baby again. Hmm…


Anna said...

Gosh, bakit ka raw nagkaka-chills? And I don't blame you about Anmum - I didn't like it either! I was a super milk drinker before pregnancy, but when I was with bun, I developed this aversion to milk, so the calcium intake was kinda hard too.

P.S. I love your top with the peace signs ha!!!

cris said...

must be because of my fever..hay!

naku ngayon ako pa naghahanap ng gatas. not because i like it but because i know bambini will benefit from it.

the top is a padala form the states. and guess what, it's kid's size 14 haha!

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