Thursday, September 09, 2010

Relaxing Weekend

We went to Pansol over the weekend for a much needed break - just pure relaxation. At first we begged off since I wanted to rest (was sick the start of the week), but our friends egged us to come since the objective is really to relax over the weekend. And relaxed we did. We just chatted the night away, while some of us swam. I didn't bring a swimsuit because I might get cough and colds again. But thankfully, the air wasn't that chilly (like the previous time we went there) so we were able to stay outside in the cabana. The next day almost all of them swam except for me and Heyl. We talked about grown up things haha!
Here are some photos.

Our dalaginding...Kyla

My lovable godson...Miguel

Can you see my tummy peeking?

Kulit pic!

Joema playing football with his godson, Luigi

Thanks again, H and T for inviting us!

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