Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Cable Woes

A setback for us staying at my parents' is that they don’t have cable TV. We don’t know how we’ll survive the coming months without cable. I don't know how much more ABS CBN shows I can take. Although I’m now quite familiar with Showtime. FYI, my father's an ABS fan plus the reception in their TV for the other channels are not that good. It's like were living under a rock. If we had mantle clocks, I would have kept on looking at them for the time - watching TV has never been this torture hahaha. Of course, I exaggerate. But I miss cable channels!

This coming Saturday is the Singapore GP. Ach! Joema and I have conjured a plan of asking my brother to bring us to the condo on the night of the race, and then just tell my parents that we need to pick up some things that we need from there ahahaha - just to watch the race! Although of course, I think I will just tell them that we’re going to watch something on cable at the same time pick up the things we need.

In the last race, the Italian GP, Vettel didn’t get a podium finish but I was happy to see him finish fourth. He started 6th on the grid so finishing 4th wasn’t bad at all. I hope he gets to win the next few races. It’s still anyone’s game to win the driver’s championship. But I think I’m prepared to not see him win anymore. He should have a lot of learnings during this season. So if he’s not fortunate enough this year, then next year there’s no excuse for him not to bag the championship.

Oh and I hope next year, I’ll see Kimi back in a Formula1 car!

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