Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Preggy Me @ 18 weeks

The first few days after our last OB visit were a bit tense. I don’t know if it were psychological or I just really felt contractions during those days. Every day I had to take Duvadilan to keep the contractions in check. My father drove me to the office and then picked us up after work. Joema rides the shuttle in the morning since his clock in time at the office is one hour earlier than mine. Although on the days they (my parents and brother) weren’t at home, I rode the shuttle with Joema. Even though it made me come to work too early, I didn’t really want to commute by myself. By the way, my family still pushed through with the trip to Ho Chi Minh even without us - I should have asked them to bring back personal contact cards of the shops they went to.

Oh and last Sunday during mass, I almost collapsed. I think it was during the part where we need to stand for the longest time during the mass. While singing “Ama Namin” I started seeing block spots and then after a while everything went black. Although I was still able to sit down and didn’t collapse, it was still a horrible experience. I sat for a few minutes and thank God, everything went back to normal. I was able to line up for communion afterwards.

I’m 18 weeks and 6 days along my pregnancy when this was taken. This is a maternity top I’m wearing. I also wore maternity leggings.

Can you spot Queenie in the background?


Anna said...

Goodness, Cris! I never had contractions or saw black spots during my pregnancy. You must really always be careful - and always try to stay stress-free and get lots of rest. Yung contractions, di kaya Braxton Hicks? That's normal for pregnant women, so if it's Braxton Hicks, no fear, you just have to ride it out daw!

cris said...

Yes, I'm extra careful now. Di na nga ko masyado naglalakad, if naglalakad man super duper bagal na. I'm getting lots of rest. What can I say about stress? Hmm..di maiiwasan sa work e haha.

yza said...

wow... it's been 18 weeks already. soon you'll see your bambini :)

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