Thursday, September 23, 2010

Happy Birthday Dear Mother!

It’s the birthday today of my dear mother. It’s true what they say that you’ll understand your parents more once you become a parent. I’m technically not yet a mom but I feel I know my mother now more than ever.

One of the things I love with our current living arrangements - living with my parents - is how I came back to being a daughter at home – taken cared of by my parents hehehe. My mother is always on my beck and call. Before I even know what I want, Mama’s there to give it to me. She makes sure I have pineapple or any fruits everyday. She makes sure I drink my prune juice every night (I’m constipated – TMI! – so I need prunes and pineapples). She makes sure I’m careful whenever I move around the house.

When my baby arrives, I hope I can be as good a mother as she is to me. I’ll teach Bambini how to pray like how she taught me. I’ll teach Bambini how to use the less than (<) and greater than (>) sign like how Ma taught me (she taught me a trick!). I’ll teach Bambini on being considerate to other people and being sensitive to their needs.

Happy birthday, Ma! Thanks for everything!

Me and Mama in Gyeongbok Palace, Seoul last year.

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