Friday, September 10, 2010

White Collar

While I was on sick leave, I whiled away the time by watching TV. And one of the TV shows that caught my attention was White Collar. The story revolves around Neal Caffrey who was a former thief (he steals expensive items like arts or antiques) and was taken into custody by FBI and is now using him as a consultant to help them solve their cases. His handler’s name is Peter Burke who is like a father figure to him. What probably caught my eye the first time was the actor who played Neal, Matt Bomer.

His eyes are so mesmerizing. Turned out the series is really interesting. It was funny at the right times, and the crimes are mysterious and exciting at the same time, with the personal story of Neil and Peter intertwined with each episode. By the way, the series is titled White Collar because the FBI unit they’re working for is the white collar unit, responsible for catching white collar criminals like Neal.

Even after my leave, we continued watching it every night on Fox. But now the season has ended and no more Neil Caffrey to follow. Apparently, the season shown on Fox was only season 1 and season 2 is now being shown in the US. Now, I want to get a copy of the complete season 1 because we weren’t able to start the whole season.


Anna said...

Pao and I loved this show too! We especially enjoy the rapport between Neal and Peter. And heller, di ba si Tiffany what's her face, froim Beverly Hills 90210 - resurrected as Peter's wife! May career pa pala si gaga! Heehee!

cris said...

ohmygozh! yes yes tiffany nga is one of the reasong kung bakit ako nanonood non dahil naalala ko pa sya sa Beverly Hills!!! I can't believe she's playing a married woman na haha

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