Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Dreams of the Solo Trapeze: Offstage with Cirque du Soleil

I was so interested to start reading this book because of the subtitle "Offstage with Cirque de Soleil." And I wasn't disapppointed. The author of the book, Mark Schreiber, followed the Cirque de Soleil for their show Saltimbanco all throughout Europe. He met the solo trapeze, Olga Sidorova, in an Amsterdam night club and that started his love affair with Cirque. The book focused on Olga but it also told the story of the artists of the Cirque - the ringmaster, the mime, the juggler, the aerial acrobats among others.

It's actually my first time to read that there actually is a circus school. And these artists really study for this kind of job. Sorry if that sounded discriminating but I always thought they only trained by themselves. I never knew there's a formal training for this kind of career. Yes, this is actually a career for most of them. Read's really fascinating reading about the troupe's lives - inside and outside that big tent.

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