Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Steve & Me

This book is (obviously) about the life of Steve Irwin written by his wife, Terri. It started with how they met and told the story of Steve's marriage to Terri and their TV career. I've nothing really much to say about the book but while reading through it there are times when I can't believe how passoniate Steve Irwin is about wildlife. I can't imagine myself being so affected by crocodiles getting hurt because in my mind crocodiles are beasts. So this book actually opened my eyes to these things. Steve Irwin called himself a wildlife warrior and I think he really is - he's love for the wildlife and on protecting it is unbelievable. I've never met or read about this kind of love until I read this book.

Of course, one of the factors that pushed me in reading through the end was the curiosity on how he died (I know he was stung by a stingray but nothing else) and how he's family knew. And even though I knew he was going to die at the end of the book, the knowledge it didn't really prepare me for the sad ending.

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