Monday, November 15, 2010

Vettel is Youngest F1 Champion

Woohoo! I was so happy last night! After a late Saturday night out and the birthing class yesterday, Joema and I were both exhausted when we got home. He went to sleep early and asked me to wake him up before the race. But a few minutes before 9pm, he said he was too sleep. I almost didn't watch it myself but decided against it. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to watch the start of the race (when the five red lights illuminated). When I found the site for the livestreaming (no TV cable here boo!), the safety car was out and they were already on their way to lap 2.

Well, I guess everything turned out well for Vettel during the race - his pole qualifying position with Webber qualifying 5th helped his chances of course - Button overtaking Alonzo on the first corner giving him 3rd place, the early pitstop of Webber and Alonzo after the safety car, the two Renaults defending their positions (Petrov agains Alonzo and Kubica against Hamilton), Vettel's quicker pitstop by 0.6s compared to Hamilton's. But I wasn't cheering before the checkered flag. I had to wait after the checkered flag was waved before I celebrated, which was before the Red Bull team celebrated because they were waiting were Alonzo would finish.

All in all, this season was very exciting. 4 drivers (I don't consider Button haha!) seriously contending to be world champion. Vettel was never the the frontrunner. In fact in the middle of the season, I actually lost faith and just told myself Vettel will do better next year. But Vettel never faltered, he fought and fought, and now he has won. Congratulations Vettel!!!

Photo from f1fanatic.

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