Saturday, June 18, 2011

Miya was Sick

Yesterday, I wen on half-day leave because Miya had low-grade fever. To tell you the truth, I was so worried that I wanted to go home immediately. She was restless Thursday night and she woke up rather grumpy so I took her temperature by Friday morning before we left for work. It was at 37 degrees. We told our yaya to take her temperature regularly while we were gone. She texted me around 8:45 to tell me that Miya's temp was at 37.2. I wasn't able to read the message until 11:30. I had a meeting at 9 that morning and I was expressing milk before that so I wasn't able to check my phone for messages. I was actually at the expression room when I was texting my yaya what to do. She texted that Miya's temp went up to 37.3. I was so panicky I didn't even finished expressing milk and went back to my work station to ask my boss if I could take a half-day leave. So I left by lunchtime and was here at home around 1pm. Good thing I went home early because Miya didn't want to drink milk from her bottle by mid-day. I nursed her immediately when I got home. She wasn't feeling grumpy anymore, she was even smiling when I got home so that made me feel less worried. But when we took her temp it was at 37.5 already. I had to read The Baby Book and consult what I need to do. Fortunately, Miya's temp is considered a low-grade fever. Per Miya's pedia, we can give her Calpol if her temp reached 38 which fortunately didn't happen. After her afternoon nap, her temp is down at 37.1. Whew! Maybe it's viral because I later on found out the baby in the next-door unit in front had low-grade fever as well.

Here she is last night, all feeling better.

I love you, baby! Please don't scare mommy like that!

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