Thursday, June 23, 2011

Shangri-La Weekend

21-22 May 2011

Wow this post is a month late! Anyhoo, let me just start writing about it.

For our summer outing, our department chose EDSA Shangri-La. The past few years, we've been frequenting Sofitel thanks to our company outing. And as usual we invited our friends to join us. Here's a photo blog of our delightful weekend.

Miya watching TV with Daddy

Picture time with Mommy. Mas alam pa ni Miya where to look.

Ninong Mek carrying our little swimmer

Yes, she has diapers! Our little tabachingching!

Baby won't smile coz she's sleepy already. Didn't have enough from her afternoon nap.

So she only stayed in the pool for picture taking hehehe. After I bathed her back in our room, I left her with Joema and I went down again to the pool. I missed the water!

While Mommy was having fun, Daddy took care of our baby. She fell asleep while we were out.

For dinner, more friends came by. We ate at Recipes in Shangri-la Plaza. I love that restaurant. Love the food and the prices are affordable.

Reposting Miya's photo while inside her baby carrier. This is what I was talking about in that post.

Woke up the next day next to my happy baby.

But she went back to sleep during breakfast. Which was okay since we were able to eat properly. We were probably there for almost two hours. Sulit ang buffet haha!

After breakfast, we went back to the pool.

But our little princess still wasn't that happy. She's happier in the bath tub! Sus! Sorry can't post photos of her. She might kill me when she's a bit older hehe.


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