Wednesday, June 15, 2011

SaYa Carrier

I was inspired to babywear Miya from the mommy blogs that I’ve read. Plus we didn’t buy a stroller so I was very much eager to buy one. (Although a set of friends gave us a stroller as a gift, and a Tita lent us one more) I was more determined to buy a sling after reading Dr. Sears' The Baby Book because he encouraged babywearing. I actually had the SaYa carrier in my wishlist in all the baby showers thrown for me. Unfortunately, because of time constraint (what with ordering it online and the delivery time) no one gave me the carrier. But that was okay. I was finally able to buy the sling when Miya was a few weeks old bought my SaYa carrier from fabnaima. I got the Versatekk blend size 0 color brown from Mama.Baby.Love. – they accept payments via Paypal (yey!) I actually got the wrong size when I ordered it. Good thing Jenny was very patient with me . I took photos of the carrier and sent it to her, and she said that I did got a small size so she asked me to send it back and she sent me a new one. The next mornign after I got it, I tried it on Miya and she instantly fell asleep in it. At home, she falls asleep almost every time I put her in her carrier. The carrier was a life saver when she became too heavy for my arms and wanted to be rocked to sleep. We didn’t have a stroller so whenever we go out, I wear Miya. I stopped wearing her when it became to hot for her to be there. Never had the chance to take a decent photo of her and me and the carrier until last May when we went out with friends.

Everyone who saw her was amused. She was so cute – just her little head with chubby cheeks. Even our friends wanted one not for their baby but for themselves hehe. She looked so comfy inside it. Her own little cocoon.

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