Tuesday, August 02, 2011


I'm still not done with my nesting phase apparently. I was really scouring the net for other websitees where I can fill this emptiness inside (nyak drama queen!). Anyways, upon bloghopping I found this website Houzz which is AMAZING! It's basically like a photobucket of everything house related. You can view thousands and thousands of photos until your head and eyes hurt.

I love that "People who liked this photo also liked" feature on the right side
 The nice thing is you can add a particular photo to your Ideabook. This way you get to keep tab on the things that you like. For example, you found a photo of a living room where you especially love the wall color then you can add that photo and indicate that you love that wall color.

You can also categorize your Ideabook in however way you like it like - condo, beach house or by the colors blue, grey, white. I on the other hand categorize my Ideabook into the different parts of the house - living room, kitchen. In the future, when you're about to build your own home, you can look back in your Ideabook and look into the things you want incorporated in your home. Well, that's how I see the beauty and use of this site. Isn't that nice?

Now, I'm still looking for a good Filipino website about homedecor/style. This is because most of the designs I liked from other sites are really not applicable here in the Philippines. Like I saw this photo of all white kitchen and it was beautiful but I don't think that will work here - hello, alikabok - ina  few months, my white walls and cabinets will be really dirty white. So if you know of a blog, leave me a comment will you? I'm already reading the blogs of these Filipina ladies:

101 grams of (eye) candy
40 and beyond by irene
The Home and Happines blog - it's from her I found out about Houzz

And although they tackle home decors and anything about the home, my thirst for Filipino home decors is still not quenched.

Oh I want to add, my favorite home blog Young House Love which I featured before now has a Room Gallery section. You can browse through their featured homes by room or color much like Houzz but in a smaller scale.


~currant7 said...

this is great!!!! love the site and will definitely chec on this regularly. :)

cris said...

isn't the site great?!?! i spend hours just looking at the photos.

Anna said...

Anong emptiness yan? Baka post-pregnancy thingy ala Brooke Shields? I got kinda down and emo too after giving birth, as in, aside from the kid, feeling ko wala ng ibang thrill yung buhay hahahaha. But it passes, Cris!

cris said...

Hahaha nothing serious Anna! I guess I'm just nesting...dreaming of our future home :D

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