Thursday, August 04, 2011

I Almost Won!

You know I join online contests before. But I've never wanted to win so badly like I've wanted to win in Daphne Osena Paez's giveaway for LASIK surgery! Yes, you read that right! She gave away in her blog a free LASIK surgery from American Eye Center. This was actually the second time she held such a contest, the first one was last year which I also joined. Last year, the winner had to be the nth commenter on her blog. Unfortunately, I did not win that (obviously). For this latest giveaway, the commenters just have to leave a comment saying why you deserve to win the LASIK and from all the entries she will choose 12 and from the 12 she will choose the final winner. She said it doesn't have to be over dramatic or anything, she will choose whatever stories touch her. I really did not think much about my entry nor I super prepared for it, I just said why I really wanted to have a LASIK surgery:

"HI Daphne!

I joined your first LASIK giveaway but unfortunately did not win.

I’m a new mom to a 6-month old baby. I really really want to have a LASIK surgery because of my daughter. I want to wake up and see her beautiful face everyday without having to put on my eyeglasses first. When she was a newborn and slept on her crib, I had to put on my glasses first before I can comfort her in the middle of the night as I am almost blind (my eye grade is 5.50 and 5.25). Thankfully, we now co-sleep and I’m still breastfeeding her so I don’t need to put on my eyeglasses anymore before I can nurse her. Hopefully I’ll be one of the 12 pre-selected candidates for this giveaway and be deemed worthy of this gift. Thanks for sharing this! "

I was really praying my story will catch her attention and be one of the 12 and then eventually win the contest. I actually entered the contest on the last day with only a few hours left. In her post about the contest she was supposed to announce the winner by 12noon of August 2. Unfortunately that did not happen, well she's a busy lady after all. So it was a bit of and disappointment when I saw in my FB feed that a winner was already announced - and it wasn't me. But get this, when I clicked the link announcing the winner, I saw this:

There's my name! There's my name! I felt like a winner too even if I didn't really win. I was so happy my simple story caught her attention. And then when I read her posts, I saw that she actually first announced the 12 pre-selected candidates before announcing the winner. It was actually a bit overwhelming seeing my name there. I was so happy even if I didn't win hehehe. But that was a 1 in 12 shot! I ALMOST WON! Maybe next time, third time's a charm?

Thanks again to Daphne Osena Paez, for sharing this free LASIK surgery to her readers. More blessings to you and your family!

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