Sunday, January 08, 2012

3rd Day of Christmas - Christmas Day

On Christmas Day, we went to my side of the family to Antipolo. We first went to my Tita's house because it's our family's tradition to eat breakfast there or they're leftover Noche Buena. Their Noche Buena is always bongga because my Tito is a chef. You know what they're food was - pasta in olive oil with parsley and sausage! So I had to ask my Tito how he cooked it. Aside from getting the good brand of olive oil from him, I found out I need to sautee more garlic than what I used in my own recipe heehee.

Miya received another round of gifts. Thank you!
The cousins with my Tita and the three grandkids.

The cousins with my Tita and the 3 grandkids
Then we went to my parents house and took a nap (so please excuse our bagong-gising-and-pambahay look) before having lunch. But before lunch, it's gift opening time again.
My parents went all out for their granddaughter. They don't have expensive gifts but they gave her quite a few which was so exciting because we got to open a bunch of gifts for Miya. So note for next Christmas - buy more not so expensive gifts for Miya instead of buying just one expensive gift.

Ninong Jay's gifts - dress and bonnet (getting ready for HK!)

She kept on looking at the tags we were joking that she's isnpecting if the gifts were expensive or not, fake or not haha!

Wiht Lolo and Lola

With the doting grandparents
With Ninong Jay
This is one of her tricks - when we ask her to show her tongue she puts her tongue out. Sometimes she does this with us just saying "Show me!" or "Patingin!" without waiting to tell her what we want to see. She also does this when she's eating and we want her to show if she's done chewing her food.

That's her pa-cute smile or as her yaya calls it "beautiful eyes" haha!

Christmas was twice happier, twice merrier because of her!0

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