Wednesday, January 18, 2012

6th and 7th Day of Christmas - Migs Christmas Party

28-29 December 2011

This was a much awaited trip for me. I so wanted to just relax and unwind during the holiday season. I actually thought of brining our yaya with me but I finally decided on not bringing her as this was also a much needed bonding time with my daughter and hubby. Just us three – well, with our friends, too. It was after all our Christmas Party and Welcome-Back-Home to one of our dear friends.

We all met up in Makati in the morning of the 27th. We arrived in Pansol just in time for lunch. Miya did not want to nap during the entire trip. I’m amazed at how energetic she was still when we arrived there.

Practice walking
 Truth be told, I never would have made it overnight without the help of my friends and their yayas in taking care of Miya. Good thing she’s a cutie (ehem ehem0, everyone was just willing to take care of her.

Tita Jiral took care of her when Mommy needed a break
More of our short vacation after the cut.

In the afternoon, we played Cranium. Everyone was competitive.

Finally the little girl went to sleep but only for a little while.

She was up and about again for merienda and picture taking time. Don't you just love these lazy days when all you do is just eat and rest?

In the evening after dinner, it was gift giving time. Our little girl received so many gifts from her ninongs and ninangs. Thanks so much, friends!

And then the parteh began. There were a lot of booze. I won’t post any incriminating photos here hahaha! Suffice it to say, everyone enjoyed the booze, except me and Heili (I’m breastfeeding, she’s preggers).

Slept early with Miya and left them to drink some more. Then woke up the next day, next to these cuties.

Then it was swimming time. Oh how Miya loved the water. The first time we took her swimming, she was too small to even know what she’s doing. This time around, she shrieked with glee, splashed the water and kicked with all her might.

Swimming with Daddy
Swimming with Ninang

Swimming with Mommy

Can you tell that I'm so proud of my daughter? Hahaha I'm so happy that she's a water baby because both Joema and I love the water. I'm now thinking of enrolling her to swimming lessons. 

After lunch, it was Cranium time again. And before we knew it, it was time to say bye-bye. 

But because we love each other so much, and don’t get tired of each other we still went on to celebrate Joy’s birthday in advance.

No, we're not the celebrants

Happy birthday, Joyjoy!
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