Tuesday, February 07, 2012

First Stop: Ocean Park

So after we landed, we immediately settled into our rented apartment then headed out for lunch. We had lunch at a nearby Chinese restaurant. Went back to the apartment to bring our takeout (we ordered too much so we had the leftover packed for us) before walking towards the Central Pier. Our apartment is located near "The Center" so it was a few minutes walk to the pier. We got a lost a bit because there were too many construction going around. Good thing when we got to the pier we met a Filipina who was initially offering us the bus tour but eventually sold us tickets to Ocean Park so I asked her for directions on where we can ride the bus. I know the Citybus 629 also stops at Admiralty station but that's where we rode the last time we were in HK so I wanted my family to ride at different bus stop. The bus station was a little bit hard to find because there were a few bus stops lining the pier. Anyhoo, after the buying the tickets we went to the bus stop and rode from there.

There were so many people inside the amusement park once we entered those gates. It was hard for us to see every attraction there is. So we only went inside a handful. First stop was Panda Village.

Just right outside the panda enclosement are some small animals like turtles, fish, birds, etc.

Look at Miya's reaction to the turtles!
We were so happy because Miya reacts to what she sees. Although inside the Panda Village, she was more amused with the ceiling and everything else than with the panda bears hehehe.

After the Panda Village, we had our picture taken just near the hot air balloons.

See how many people there were!

Picture taking with one of the characters of Ocean Park.
After that we went inside lined up for The Grand Aquarium. It took us maybe 30 minutes before we finally got inside the aquarium. But it was all worth it. Our little girl was so amazed with what she saw. There was one section inside the aquarium where you can see all those sea creatures in one giant wall of glass. This is where we stayed most of the time. We had tons of photos and these are my most favorites which I think captured the curiosity of our little sweetheart.

After The Grand Aquarium, we rode the Ocean Express to reach the summit. By the time we got to the Ocean Theater, my baby was exhausted and hungry. I had to nurse her there (good thing I was wearing a nursing top, I actually never go out of the house with her in tow and not wear a nursing top! although Ocean Park has baby care centers where you can nurse/feed your babies.) while waiting for the show to start. She eventually fell asleep and was not able to catch the show. I was trying to wake her up and she tried opening her eyes but she was just too tired. It's okay, sweetie, we'll return next year! (C'mon Universe make that happen!).  So Daddy enjoyed the show instead heehee (this was Joema's first trip to HK).

After the show it started getting dark so we went back down and rode the Ocean Express again. Then it was time to say bye-bye to Ocean Park (Miya's still sleeping).

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