Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Victoria Peak and Symphony of Lights

For our second day, we went to Victoria Peak in the morning. We rode bus 15C to get to Peak Tram. Miya fell asleep while we’re walking from our apartment to Central Pier where we rode the bus.

Sleeping eskimo

She was asleep until the tram ride when she the sleeping beauty has finally awaken.
She's really like this after her nap - she's all smiles!
Well, hello there!
Miya absolutely loved the weather in Hong Kong. It was so cold up at the Peak but she enjoyed the cool breeze. Here are a bunch of photos.

I love our colors in this photo!
She loved walking there!

I was freezing while Miya loved the cold
See how foggy it was

After Victoria Peak we went to Citygate Outlet in Tung Chung. The last time we went to HK we also went here so my mother was eager to go again.
A few minutes after we arrived at Citygate Outlet - Miya so sleepy
Miya fell asleep while we’re having lunch and was asleep most of the time we were there. We got loads of stuff from Giordano. We got so much that we actually availed of their cash rebate haha! From underwear to shirts! We were really happy with all those bargain in Giordano. Then it was Joema’s turn to shop heehee. You see my husband never really shops. I have to tell him to buy new things for himself. So I was happy when he told me he wanted to go back to the Puma store to buy the rubber shoes he saw (we passed by the store before having lunch). He was able to buy rubber shoes, a jacket and a shirt – all Ferrari items (Puma is the official carrier of Ferrari clothing items). He was only supposed to buy the jacket and shoes but I coaxed him to buy the shirt as well because he gets another 15% discount if he buys 3 items. He was really pleased with the items he bought. I told him to buy the items because the last time we were in Korea and we saw Ferrari rubber shoes, he thought twice of buying it and never did. He was sorry he didn’t buy when he had the chance because apparently, those Ferrari items are not sold here in Manila. They cost much more during F1 season (we had some bought during the SG grand prix when our friends went there last September).

Anyways, after shopping we went back to our apartment to rest a bit. Actually they all went to the apartment while I went around our area to buy a gift for Miya. It was Miya’s birthday the next day so I went to the near Toys R Us but I was disappointed because it was a small store. I was imagining a big toy store like the one in Home Alone 2 (Lost in New York) haha! Anyways, I went to H&M afterwards and found the cutest shirts so I bought her one and other stuff to complete an outfit. When I went back to the apartment and rested for a while, we all went out again and headed to Kowloon Island. We braved the freezing cold weather and waited for the Symphony of Lights at the Avenue of Stars. There were a lot of construction going on when we went there though.

Chinese New Year greetings

We were there early and it was so cold that we had to take refuge in the small souvenir shop right beside where we were seated hehehe. But of course, the cold did not stop us from taking photos.

Miya biting her button - she's biting everthing in sight nowadays!
Miya chewing the handkerchief we've put around her neck to keep her warm
So there, on our second day we were finally able to go to the two places we weren't able to see the last time we were in HK.

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