Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Made for Walking

I have to cut my HK posts to a halt and interrupt with this very important announcement - Miya is now walking! She can stand up  (from sitting down position) by 9 months and started cruising after that. When we tried Gymboree (mid-January which I still have to blog about), she was able to try walking on her own. Although she still falls down because she can't balance herself that much. But yesterday, she was finally able to walk on her own on solid flat ground (at home barefeet)! I was so proud! When our yaya texted me that Miya was awake and "eto naglalakad." I did not think much about it. i just thought they were practicing walking, with the yaya holding her by her hand or by her armpits. Much to my delight, when we got home she showed us she can walk by herself. The happy proud moment was a bit brief as my melancholic husband chimed "Hindi na baby si Miya." But still, this is something I'm really really happy about. I've always thought Miya would have learned to walk earlier if we had a bigger space she can roam around in. So after a week from her first birthday, I'm happy to report she was able to stand on firm ground all by herself. Now yaya's been texting me all day that Miya's been walking around and ang likot daw hahaha! I need to buy those baby proofing stuff!

UPDATED with the video!


Anna said...

Eeep! Milestone indeedy! Hurrah for Miyah!

cris said...

Thanks, Anna! :)

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