Thursday, February 09, 2012

Miya's First Birthday - HK Style

We’re not the big party kind of family that’s why we opted to celebrate Miya’s birthday by going out of the country. But of course, we cannot not celebrate our first-born’s birthday even in a simple way. The day before her birthday, after watching the Symphony of Lights on our way back to the apartment, we bought a birthday cake from Mrs. Fields – there’s an MTR store near our exit (Exit C – Central Station). I brought the party hats and tarp from Manila. Since we were going to HK Disneyland on her brithday, I thought the natural choice for the theme was Disneyland characters. Problem was I didn’t know we needed a stapler to assemble the party hats. Hence, it was only the three of us who wore the hats. Miya’s was the only one who had a string for her neck. Joema’s and mine were just placed on top of our heads hehehe. Our baby was so happy. She knew it was her special day. She beamed her enchanting smile evertyime we sang “Happy Birthday”.

Photos photos photos!

Good morning, birthday girl!

Putting on her party hat
the Princess with her balloons
Her birthday cake - incidentally not her 1st but her 12th bcoz we celebrated each month
Our little family
Time to blow the cake
With Lolo and Lola
With Ninong holding her birthday cupcake since we didn't let her eat the cake. But she didn't like the cupcake - at first.

Opening her gift
Our happy princess

Anak, you're now one year old. You're now a toddler, no longer a baby. You brought Daddy and me so much happiness. I never knew this kind of happiness exists until I had you. I pray that you grow up to be a good girl. Always keep that smile and bring joy to everyone you meet. I love you so much!


1st birthday photo invitations said...

She is so adorable!

cris said...

Thank you!

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