Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Week That Was

I have yet to blog about the continuation of our HK vacation. But I've been offline the past couple of days. Miya was sick from Monday to Wednesday. Monday morning I woke up next to a very warm baby. Her temp was 38 degrees but this got me worried. Did not go to work that day to take care of her. Her temp was normal by mid-day but was up again in the afternoon.
Sick baby with her "rosy" cheeks

Her temp goes down with a drink of paracetamol and her sleeping and eating did not change so that was a good thing. But the next day, Valentine's Day, she was warm again and her temp was 38.4 degrees so I decided not to go to work again. Joema woke me up before he left for work and kissed me "Happy Valentine's Day." Same thing happened as the past day. I had to give her sponge bath to bring her temp down in the morning and in the afternoon because I  thought the paracetamol was not working anymore. I also called her pedia by early evening to report what happened. Fortunately, he advised me to just continue what I was doing and that nothing to worry about because Miya's fever is low-grade. Joema went home to Miya and me watching "50 First Dates" with flowers for his two best girls.

Miya's first Valentine gave her a yellow rose
But by Wednesday afternoon and the fever still coming back, we went to Miya's pediatrician. He said the same thing to just give her paracetamol and continue with her fluids. Surprisingly, her fever did not come back after our check-up. I was able to go back to work on Thursday. Thankfully, Joema had his day-off that same day so I was not too worried to be leaving Miya at home. That was the 16th - it was our 12th anniversary as bf-gf. Unfortunately, we weren't able to celebrate it as well because Miya was waiting for me to come home the whole day. Aaaawww.

After work on Friday when we got home, Miya developed some rashes on her face, chest and back. I was so worried I wanted to bring her to the hospital right there and then but Joema was able to calm me down. So I said, we can observe the rashes and then later on decide if we should bring Miya to the ER. By 10:30pm she had more rashes than earlier that evening and I was getting really worried that it might be dengue. I was trying to call her pedia but I wasn't able to contact him. I called a friend who had dengue before and asked when she developed her rashes when she had dengue. She advised me to go to the ER and just get Miya tested because she developed rashes when her fever was gone.

My baby at the ER

Fortunately and thankfully, it wasn't dengue just Roseola infantum or the common tigdas hangin. Her rashes are almost gone now. And she doesn't really look sick anymore so I'm not that worried anymore. I hope to God she won't get sick again in the near future. It's so hard for me to not to worry about her.

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