Friday, February 24, 2012

Miya's First Birthday - Manila Style

The weekend after our trip to HK, we arranged a get-together with our close friends to celebrate Miya's birthday. We actually scheduled a small party for her in Bocaue but that weekend coincided with the barrio fiesta so we postponed it for the next week (different post on that). For lunch, my college barkada went to our condo to celebrate with us. It was a triple celebration for me, Miya and Reyna.

Miya blowing her birthday cake (well, mine and Reyna's too - thanks Cris for the cake)
I'm so proud of Miya because she knew how to blow the candles without us teaching her. I knew of this "skill" of her only after I saw the photos. We never taught her how to blow the candles. *beams*
With Ninang Kae and Kylie

Thank you for celebrating with us!

For dinner, we met up with Migs to celebrate as well. We're a bigger group so we can't fit into our condo. Thankfully, Miya's Ninang Heyl was more than willing to have us over to celebrate in their home.

Blowing her 3rd "first birthday cake"
Showing Ninang EJ her Mickey Mouse face

Ang dalawang makulit - bow!
Next to our families, these are the people who were happy and excited when I gave birth to Miya. We are blessed to have them in our and our daughter's lives. Thanks friends for celebrating with us!  


Marsy said...

Hi Cris. Looking at Miya makes me Giddy about Lia's 1st birthday, too. Aside from the fact that our daughters' names sound alike, we are planning to have the same type of celebration, too!! Nakakatuwa, are you my long lost sibling? Hehe.

Happy birthday Miya!

cris said...

Hi Marsy! Maybe! i don't have a you? Or maybe we were sisters in our past life? The first time I read your blog, I was totally engrossed in reading your posts. I think I finished reading your blog from the latest to the earliest post in one sitting :)

Enjoy preparing for your Lia love's 1st birhtday party!

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