Monday, February 20, 2012

8-Day Pass to Gymboree

Have I ever told you I'm addicted to these groupon sites?? First there was Ensogo, now Deal Grocer! I bought this 8-day pass to Gymboree on DealGrocer. Actually, this wouldn't have been the first voucher I bought from them. I would have bought a one-year membership on Gymboree but alas, I was too slow to purchase the voucher. By the time, I decided I will buy the voucher, they were all sold out. Anyways, I got this voucher in December. It's about to expire by the end of January so I finally took the time to get off work early and bring Miya there on the 10th of January for her first day.

It was amazing for her and doubly amazing for me seeing how she was stomping about the play area, how fascinated she was with everything around her. She walked by her own every single day she was in Gymboree. And she never did that at home because we don't have enough space she can walk around in. That's why I'm really really happy with this voucher and Gymboree. We have hundreds of photos and a few videos of her 7 days there including her two sampler classes - we availed the Music class and Play class. But let me share some photos with you.

Walking around the play gym

Cruising with the help of that foamy cylinder

I'm happy here, Mommy!

She doesn't want any help while walking

Going through the barrel

More photos after the jump.

She loves tugging this big ball

Miya enjoyed the slide

She didn't want to let go of the maracas during Music class

Miya and her classmate in Music class

See? Tugging that huge ball again

I don't need your help, I can walk on my own

Getting jiggy with it
With Lola and Lolo
Miya and the little ones during Play class

She went inside the barrel to get that ball

Balls, balls, balls..she kept on hoarding them

Would you believe she was able to climb that? With me behind her but still! She knew to put which foot forward and where to put it. So proud of her!

Balancing act again

Crawling if not walking

With Ninong Jay this time

Daddy was there from the first day but it was only here that they had a photo together

During the last day Lola Baby was with her

We're seriously considering getting the lifetime membership (well, until she turns 5, the max age she can use the gymplay area). We figured we'll be able to maximize it because she's still young and she's just really really happy exploring the place.

Noticed I only said 7 days? It's because she got sick on the morning of the 8th day. I stayed home with her and although her fever (38.3 temp in the morning) didn't come back after drinking meds, we dared not leave the house.


Note: I have drafted this post on 18 January 2012 without the photos. How can I have forgotten that Miya walked in Gymboree?? And why did I not consider that a milestone? I dunno maybe because I thought Gymboree was a safer place for her to try walking, tumbling down on those padded floors and toys. While at home, the floor was hard, there were corners everywhere so I guess I took her walking at home as MAJORER milestone hahaha.


Marsy said...

OMG! This is too cute!! :)

cris said...

Thanks, Marsy! :)

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