Monday, February 27, 2012

Weekend at Shangri-la (EDSA)

I had one of the most wonderful relaxing weekends EVER! Prior to the weekend, I really wanted to go out of town or go on a "staycation". It's been weeks since we had a Saturday where we had nothing to go to, a party to attend, etc. So I urged the husband to go on a mini-trip. He agreed but didn't want to drive far so I opted to book us a room at EDSA Shangri-la. Yeah, it was that near haha! I booked a deluxe room with king size bed but the ever so attentive service manager of EDSA Shang, Mr. Warren Bautista, upgraded us to an Executive room and allowed us late check-out the following day because as he said, to make up for the long wait during check-in. Hurrah!

We settled down in our room and Miiya got acquainted with all the things she can reach hehe. She was walking around the room as if she owned it.
Miya inspecting the bedside table

Around 4pm we went downstairs to the pool to swim. Miya loves the water, which we're so happy about because both Joema and I love the water. We were lucky there weren't many guests in the pool when we arrived. It was bit cold, there was a slight breeze and the water is not heated but it was fine after a few minutes in the water.

Stop taking pictures and let's start swimming!

Miya: Is the water nice and warm, Mommy?

She loves, loves, loves the water!

When Miya started tasting the water, we knew it was time to get out of there. We went to the nearby Shangri-la mall to buy dinner at CPK and then some junk food at the groceries. Then we're back at our room to eat. Miya ate pizza, while Joema and I had pizza, pasta and sandwich from CPK. We were that hungry! Although there were still some leftover for lunch the next day. After Miya slept, we watched SNL and ate the junkfood we bought hehe.

I'm ready to go out

The next morning, we had buffet breakfast at Heat. Guess who's the last to wake up? It's almost always Joema who' wakes up last. Maybe 1 out of 10 times, he wakes up the earliest. Miya always wakes him up by tapping him, or hugging him, or tugging his hair or slapping him hahaha!
Daddy, wake up! Time to eat breakfast.
We didn't maximize breakfast time at the buffet because our little baby is the most patient baby in the whole wide world - not! She's sitting there in the high chair but really most of the time she wanted to sit on my lap. I can't leave her sight even for just a few minutes to get food.

She ate a litte bit of donut and had a lot of hashbrown.
After breakfast, Joema and Miya both took a nap while I watched some TV. For lunch, we just ate our leftover pizza and pasta. Then it was my time to nap although not much success there because Miya kept on tugging me. Before we left, Miya had one last "swim" in the bathtub of our suite. She was equally excited to say the least.

We were happy to have spent the weekend together, just relaxing. Even the little girl was extra giddy (must be the big bed and the big space in the room because she was walking about everywhere!)! As it turned out, this was our first overnight "trip" just the three of us and we thoroughly enjoyed it.

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