Sunday, February 19, 2012

Bday Girl at The Happiest Place on Earth

After our celebration for the birthday girl, we went to HK Disneyland for the second part of our celebration. But before going to the park, we stopped by IFC mall to have breakfast at McDonald's.

My little Parisienne in the streets of HK
The required photo at the HK Disneyland entrance

Another requisite shot
It was good timing that the parade was passing by the Main Street when we got inside the park. We were able to see the parade without wasting a time of waiting for it.

Miya was so sleepy during the parade actually. She wasn't able to take her morning nap that day so she was really sleepy by then. Disneyland has a baby center where you can change your baby's diaper, feed them or nurse them or bring your baby there if she needs care. I'm hitting myself in the head for leaving the camera outside because I really want to share with you how the room looks like. When you enter on your left are high chairs where babies can eat and chairs where Mommies can feed their babies. After that there's a nook with changing tables and the next nook they have a bottle/food warmer with a few cupboards with food and diapers, which I think are for sale. Across it are two nursing rooms with two rocking chairs each. I used both nursing rooms the two times I was there. The first time I was there I used the second one (farther from the entrance) and then the second time I used the other. And then at the end of the hallway is a restroom. I nursed Miya and she was asleep after a few minutes. I had to remove her coat because the center has heater. When we got outside, we didn't put her coat anymore because she might wake up.

Locals were wearing their winter coats while my daughter was in a sleeveless dress hehe
We took advantage of the time by going around the souvenir shops and buying, well, souvenir for friends and family back home. Ninong Jay bought a Mickey Mouse stuff toy for Miya while we bought her a red dress. When she woke up, it was time to go around the park.

We were able to watch the Golden Mickeys but had to wait in line for a few minutes. Miya, the ever so impatient child, was so fussy while we waited in line. There was even a time she was crying, I think she was scared with the man beside us. Nevertheless, she enjoyed watching Golden Mickeys. After the show, we continued going around the park.

When we passed by the big tents with cafeterias, we ate an early dinner already.

And then by luck we chanced upon the Disney characters for picture taking in the Fantasy Gardens. Side story: after the picture taking, Miya learned a new trick. When asked what does Mickey look like, she makes this face where she almost pouts her lips. I discovered from the pictures below that she was already doing the face during the picture taking with Minnie and Mickey Mouse.

Imitating Minnie at the left photo

Imitating Mickey at the left photo

Miya also had her photo taken with Pluto Goofy.

We went back to the baby center after this and once again Miya fell asleep after nursing. We decided to go home after that instead of waiting for the fireworks display. That will be a reason for us to go back again.

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