Tuesday, March 20, 2012

F1 is Back

My favorite motorsport (naks!) is back! And I think it’s more exciting than ever before (well, since I started watching which was 2009). There are six champion drivers this season – Vettel, Button, Hamilton, Raikkonen, Alonso and Schumacher. Oh yes, I’m so excited Kimi is back! I love Kimi! I love his no non-sense driving, he’s a very competitive driver and he doesn’t give a shit to what other people think – Mr. Iceman indeed! Although of course I still love Vettel the best! That’s why I was so happy he still landed a 2nd place even though he started 6th on the grid. I actually don’t know how he became 2nd because I drifted off to sleep while watching the race on Sunday afternoon. Ahahaha! We were so tired on our packed Saturday that our bodies needed the extra hours of sleep (yes, both me and hubby fell asleep while watching the race). I think it was lap 28 when I drifted off to dreamland and then when I woke up, the safety car was out and it was already lap 44 haha! Vettel was on second place followed by Hamilton and Webber. I had to check my twitter timeline (yes, I’m now on twitter because most blog giveaways now require you to follow them on twitter *teehee) for the blow-by-blow account from @f1fanaticlive. Second place is good enough since Vettel actually started 6th on the grid. It's still too early into the season but this only shows they're still in it to win it.

Everyone hated that playtpus nose! All the teams have it except for McLaren. So when McLaren bagged the 1-2 position after qualifying, I read some twitted that the platypus nose is actually not needed haha!
Last year was a magnificent run for Vettel and Red Bull. Here’s hoping they achieve a three-peat this season!

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