Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Miya’s First Official Class in Gymboree

We finally enrolled Miya in Gymboree, just a four-week music class this summer. For her first class, Joema was able to come with us and witness Miiya’s interaction with the teacher and the other babies. For trial class, he was not able to come and only watched videos taken by our yaya. This time around there were 5-6 babies and I think Miya is the eldest. Most of the babies were below 1 year old.  For trial class, Miya had only one classmate (that was on a weekday). Also, this time I’m not really familiar with the songs during the class. For our trial class, the songs were from Queen so the songs included “Bicycle”, “Rock You”, etc. which are all familiar to me. Last Saturday, the theme for the class was North Western Isle (?) songs, I’m not really sure but I think songs that originated from United Kingdom (Ireland, Scotland, England). The only song familiar to me was “London Bridge” hahaha. So even if the lyrics of the songs were on the wall, I can’t sing with Teacher Kat. Plus Miya was extra likot that time. I’m not sure if she’s really likot na at this age or just that day. For our trial class, the teacher was able to get her attention for most of the one-hour class. This time I think Miya’s attention span was shorter. At the middle of the class, the time where they were being taught to pass the ball, Miya wanted to nurse. And since she’s big enough, she tries to grab my shirt and pull it down to get to my breasts. Hay! We had to excuse ourselves for her to nurse. Also I think she was uncomfortable the whole time because she had poopie in her nappy. We didn’t have time to change her and feed her properly before the class started because Miya with yaya arrived ahead of Joema in Gymboree (they arrived late in Shangri-la while I came from somewhere else for that financial seminar). They were dropped off by Joema while he parked. We only had a few minutes for me to nurse her. I was feeding Miya in the Mommy lounge when they were called in for the start of the class so her nursing was cut short. The classes already started when Joema arrived with our diaper bag. I was a bit out of my mind also because looking back, I could have excused myself and Miya from class and changed her nappie and fed her properly. I was just really irritated and angry at Joema at that time because I specifically told him to leave home early because parking might be difficult at the mall because it was a Saturday. And guess what, I was right. I really hate it when he’s late. So there, hopefully next Saturday will be much better for Miya. No more poopie and she’ll be full from feeding before classes start. Sorry, Anak, next time Mommy knows what to do. But all in all, she still enjoyed the class especially that London Bridge part.

Saying "Hi!" to Daddy who's outside the classroom

Day 4 of 30

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