Thursday, April 26, 2012

Miya's First Haircut

31 March 2012

Miya's hair was not getting any shorter haha. Her bangs kept on poking her eyes so I decided to cut her hair one afternoon during her naptime. We tried cutting her hair while she's awake but she won't have any of it. so I grabbed the opportunity that afternoon.  I was alone with her so I had to make do with the camera timer heehee

Tulog na tulog si taba - pwedeng gupitan!
See how long her bangs is?
Ooopppsss nagising na! - Wacha doing, Mommy?
See, anak, you have nice hair na..I can see your bochog face again :)
Nice haircut


Marsy said...

Galing ni mommy! Mukhang dalaga na si Miya :)

Anna said...

Cuuute! Lalo siya nagmukhang manika!!!

cris said...

Thanks, Marsy and Anna! :D

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