Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Ayayayayay Yaya!

As I've mentioned, we finally have a yaya. But it seems we're starting off on the wrong foot. Firstly, when I sent her the transpo money, there was an extra P1,000 there which she requested. I obliged and told her this will be deducted from her first salary. She arrived this morning and told me if we can pick her up tomorrow morning instead. I said yes. Then when I called her she said if we can pick her up in Litex because "wala na syang pamasahe." That was a red flag! I told her my mom will pick her up and they don't know Litex, why not in Philcoa instead that's just one jeepney ride from Litex. She said okay. And then within an hour she texts me to say if she could borrow P1,000 because apparently she brought her two kids to Manila (she previously was going to bring just one) that's why the money I sent her was not enough. And that they don't have money to buy rice, her husband didn't receive his salary yet! OMG! When I called my husband, he calmingly told me to let her have the additional P1,000 because we already paid for her in advance. Anyway, we can deduct it from her salary.

I fervently pray that she's okay with my kid. She's under probation for 3 months. If she's not okay with Miya, I will let her go in a heartbeat. Never mind the money we already spent on her. Note so self: need to write down the things I want to tell her.

Day 13 of 30

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