Monday, April 02, 2012

Banking Made Easy

Yey, we finally have a yaya! She will be arriving tomorrow. I’ve sent her transportation money by depositing it to a BPI account. It’s been so long since I’ve been to a BPI bank, I didn’t know they were so high-tech already. Instead of filling in a deposit slip, they now have a machine they call BPI Express Assistant, where you enter your type of transaction, account number and amount.

3 BEAs for the clients to use
And then BEA gives you a transaction number. Then you wait for your number to be called.

Wait for your number to flash in that flat screen TV
Presto! It was so easy and fun haha!

Okay, I told my officemate about this and she said this was implemented last year. Hahaha! Huli na ko sa balita! I’ve always had bank transactions online so this is fairly new to me. But in fairness, when I was transacting there, another client didn’t know how to operate the machine. So it’s not just me hehehe.

Day 12 of 30


Dins said...

Oh, How i love bpi! Ang pinakagusto ko sa kanila is their csr's or yung ladies sa side tables. they offer help before you even ask for it. very very efficient!

cris said...

Wala akong napansing CSR dun sa branch na pinuntahan ko. But the machine, I must say, is very user friendly :)

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