Thursday, May 31, 2012

Breakfast at Antonio's

The redeeming factor of our recent Tagaytay trip is our lunch at Breakfast at Antonio’s. I’ve read so many rave reviews online about this place and I’m happy that I wasn’t disappointed. I love the place! It’s a big compound but feels very homey! The gardens surrounding the two main halls, I think, made the place cozy. Here are some a lot of photos of the garden.

Miya had so much fun walking around the garden

This is the main restaurant - Antonio's
I love this garden set - feeling ko bahay ko!
We just had to take a family photo - at our sala LOL!
Another family photo

Everyone was happy with what they ordered. I would have been happy if the rice had bigger portion hahaha! Suffice it to say, I was the only one not so happy with my order. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve tasted some of what my friends ordered, and they are delicious. My pork barbqcue is delicious as well, I just blame my simple taste for not appreciating it that much. The barbecue has some herbs and spices kasi just like how Jamie Oliver does his <> and I was only expecting a Reyes bbq for my order hahaha! It’s just that for this breastfeeding mom, I want my portions BIG! But don’t worry, I was still full when I left the restaurant because I ate an extra slice of pizza and pancake aside from the pork barbeque I ordered hahah.

Now, we're happy!

This is also where Miya learned how to drink from a straw. I ordered their mango slushy and as usual, Miya wanted to cry it. I was surprised that the straw got cold, meaning the mango slushy is going up the straw towards her mouth. Hurrah! Galing mo, anak!

Miya: Told you I can do it!
Btw, we also saw Anne Curtis and her beau dining there hehe. Icing on the cake? =P

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M said...

antonio's has a special place in my heart. this is where hubby proposed to me :)

hurray for miya! goodbye feeding bottles na :)

cris said...

Such a lovely place to get proposed to :)

She's still using her feeding bottles for her milk while I'm away hehe

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