Friday, March 30, 2012

Gymboree Music Class Day 2

Miya’s 2nd class in Gymboree was a more pleasant one. So I think it was definitely not the class to be blamed for a not-so-good turnout the last time we were there. The songs for this class were still the same from last week but Teacher Kat used different instruments and different actions for the songs. For the first song there was a part where you sing “Haaaa….haaaa” softly. It was so cute because one by one, the babies started saying “Haaaaa”. Here’s a video of the song, although I wasn’t able to capture Miya saying “Haaaaa.” Look at how attentive she is.

Teacher Kat was also happy with the class, she kept on saying that the babies were really participating. Here’s Miya “horsing” around. They were really supposed to copy what Teacher Kat was doing – pretending to be a horse.

See how happy she is during class? Every time I see her smile, I always think that the money we paid for the class is really worth it! Looking forward to her next classes!

Day 11 of 30

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