Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Rock of Ages

For Father’s Day, Joema and I went on a movie date. We watched Rock of Ages. I’m so glad we both enjoyed the movie. At the beginning of the movie, I worried that I might not enjoy it because I’m not really a heavy metal kind of girl. I only went into that heavy metal phase because my crush during 1st year HS was so into Guns and Roses so I learned some of their songs and pretended I rock, too! LOL

Well, this movie was not only about rock (it was mostly) but it’s also about other 80s music genre (including boy bands!). It had the right amount of love story, has funny comic scenes and well, Tom Cruise was hot! I thought he did the role justice. I’m not really a fan of his, I think he only looks good in the camera but after doing Tropic Thunder and then this, I think he really wants to prove that he can act. And well, he convinced me.

There are a lot of memorable scenes for me. One of them is Catherine Zeta-Jones singing and dancing to “Hit me with your best shot.”  Catherine plays this goody goody wife of a political candidate who wants to bring down Stacee Jaxx. I found it funny that even with the dancing on that scene, they showed how stiff she was.

Go, watch the movie if it’s still being shown in local cinemas. It’s a feel good movie! And you’ll be singing when you go out of the movie house. 


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