Monday, June 25, 2012

Miya Calls Me Mom-meh (and Other Updates)

Remember when I told you how Miya calls me (#8 in the list)? Well, last night she finally called me “Mommy”. Well she says it like “Mom-meh” hahaha! But that’s okay. She can say Mama but she knows me as Mommy really (refer to #10  of my previous list). As I've mentioned, she learned to call me Mama before but that didn't stick. 

She learned some new things, too. She has a small book that contains first words, she can identify in real life the ball, chair, towel, shoes, shorts and moon. She can mimic a gorilla, dog, elephant and squirrel. She can say bird (boird like Mickey Rourke's character in IronMan 2), trees (tees), daddy (dah-deh), pizza(its-ah), ball(bol), papaya (papa), tuta(tuta), baba (baba), wala (ala), moon (moo), ate (a-teh), ipis (pisss), grapes (gehps).

She knows how to "jog". When we ask her to jog, she runs in place with little cute steps. So cute!

She swerves her hands when we talk about cars. This is influenced by our watching F1 every single race.

I really should  enroll her again in Gymboree. She has never tired of watching her Gymboree videos in my phone. she sings "ha-ha" when she wants to view the first view and does the horsey thing, tapping her hands on our bed if she wants to watch the second video.

The crying and hitting phase has started. We are so worried she's going to be a bratinella. She cries when she doesn't get her way and resort to hitting us when we talk to her. Joema even joked earlier today if this already the terrible two's! And she's only 16months old! If I have not read in Babycenter that this is a phase common her age, I would be really really worried. I hope she grows up to be a good kid.   

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