Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Time Out

We're trying our best to raise Miya as a good kid. I sometimes catch my subconscious me telling myself not to give in to every single thing she wants. Last night was the first time we told her to take a "time-out" and asked her to stand on one "corner." She got gigil and bit my lower lip and it hurt like hell. So I told her she's having a time-out because we wanted to make a point that she should not bite other people because this will hurt them.

My good girl* 
So she stood in that little corner of her while we (the adults) are looking at each other trying to hide our smiles. I thought of asking her to stand still because I remember a friend who told me that this was a very effective way of "punishment" on her daughter who like Miya can not stand still for a brief moment. Well, after a minute maybe I thought I should document this and snapped this photo from my phone. Miya heard the clicking sound and figured out the time-out was over hahaha! She came to me with a big smile and I think she knew we were just making fun of her. This morning while we're having our Tuesday date, hubby said we should try this again next time so she'll know that we're serious. I told him we should also not confuse our daughter because Miya probably thought she was just playing with me because she learned this biting thing when her father is roughhousing with her. He even taught her to "bite his nose" - you know, that playful thing you do when you act like you're going to bite but really don't do it. Haaay! Being a parent is hard!

*Note to self: I should cut her bangs again!


~currant7 said...

naku...i try not to break into a smile when i punish colin though we didn't do any time outs yet. we just let him let it out and cry his eyes out.
i know about biting but we really curb it with him so far...
now, my concern is handling his tantrums...naku, terrible twos na kami soon!

cris said...

It's hard to keep a straight face di ba? Especially when they look so cute hahaha!

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