Friday, June 22, 2012

Summer Outing in Punta Fuego

As I mentioned here, for our annual summer outing in the office, we went to Punta Fuego. Joema and Miya came along. We left Manila around 9:30 and was at Tagaytay around 11. We did not stop for lunch because Miya fell asleep in the car at that time. We didn’t want to wake her up so we continued with the journey. We arrived in Punta Fuego around 1pm and had lunch before checking in.

Miya playing with my officemate's iTouch
Photo above was taken during lunch time. While waiting for food, Miya and I went to my officemates’ table. Around this time, Joema wasn’t feeling that well already. He actually already took some meds before we left the house but his tooth was already aching again by the time we arrived. He only ate soup for lunch. Poor boy! After lunch, we checked in and we were given a suite instead of the casita only to find out later on that we should have taken a casita because it’s much bigger! Next time, we’ll get the casita! We were first checked into this suite. 

Twin sharing and not king sized bed
Outside the suite above was the infinity pool
But since it’s a twin sharing setup we asked to be moved to a suite with a king sized bed so we transferred to this. 

Queen sized bed. Look at Miya playing with the phone already.
I know it’s not a king sized bed but I don’t want to hassle the people at reception again, so we just settled in. I must say, Punta Fuego’s service is top-notch. They did not refuse my request to be transferred to another suite and just looked for an available suite for us. Unfortunately, it was raining hard at the time we transferred suites and we had to walk through rain to go from one suite to another. Hassle lang but it’s okay. We also asked for some pain reliever for Joema’s toothache and they gave it to us after consulting their in-house nurse.

Si Malakas at si Maganda - proof that Joema was indeed with us hehe

It rained the whole day so we holed up in our suite and even ate dinner there. The whole night Joema was not able to sleep because of his toothache. When I woke up around 4:30am he was banging his head on the bed and couldn’t take the pain anymore. I told him he should have told me and we could have asked the nurse to give us meds again the night before. But anyway, at the ungodly hour I phoned in the reception and again asked for medicines which the nurse personally delivered to us. Service was truly impeccable! Joema was able to sleep after that. So when Miya woke up later in the morning, it was just her and me who ventured out of our suite and headed to breakfast. I knew my officemates will be there and I wanted to find out what their plans were. After eating breakfast, we went back to our suite to check up on Joema if he wanted to eat but he was just getting sleep then so I told him to just sleep and Miya and I will go swimming with my officemates. I didn’t want to bother him anymore because he still has to drive us back home to Manila later that day. This is one of the reasons we need to go back to Punta Fuego – Joema wasn’t able to get out of our suite the whole time we were there!

Anyways, enough stories let me share with you our photos!

Passed by the infinity pool on the way to breakfast

My water baby is ready!

Punta Fuego is amazing! :)
Again, enjoying the pool!
I can't say it enough, Miya LOVES the water!
We transferred to the lower beach after the infinity pool

She didn't like the beach at first but after seeing another little kid enjoying and after feeling the waves I think she liked it!
We transferred to the nearby pool almost too soon!
But she enjoyed it there, as well! :)

With Daddy during check-out

Goodbye, Punta Fuego! Till we meet again!

Lunch at Army+Navy, Tagaytay

The loves of my life!


~currant7 said...

lovely photos! cute ni Miya in all the photos!

cris said...

thank you! :)

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