Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Tuesdays Breakfast

Our breakfast on our first year anniversary
During the days that our car is on coding, we still bring the car to work and so arrive extremely early. And since we can’t leave work before 7pm either, hubby and I go on breakfast dates instead of starting work at 7am. Oh yes, we are blessed that way, we have the luxury of not having 12 hour work days. Having a child really changed the dynamics of our marriage, we have to work extra hard for that “just-us-without-the-baby” times. We don’t really go out on weekly dates so this has become our weekly date. Our venue is oh so romantic – my office’s cafeteria hahaha! But time spent together is precious wherever you spend it. Plus, my hubby enjoys the breakfast spread at our cafeteria (we have an egg station just like in hotel buffet breakfast). There are times I hurry the hubby to finish eating so that I won’t be late (I’m such a stickler for time - we have flexi time but I still get worried if I don’t clock in before my supposed time-block). You see, I’m a fast eater while he enjoys taking his time while eating. When he talks while eating he will stop as in put down his utensils and concentrate on telling his story. I, on the other hand, inhale my food (I grew up with a brother and two boy cousins, I need to eat fast to be able to eat!) But I’m trying to let go and enjoy the time I spend with him – these are rare and precious time, I must say. During these dates, we get to have long talks about our future and our past, dream for our family – you get the picture. Yesterday, one of our topics was about hubby’s high school classmate. He told me he had a classmate who married their high school teacher haha! I never knew about that! It’s fun learning new things about my husband (although, technically that one about the HS teacher is about his classmate). We also talked about our different religions – I’m a Catholic, while he’s a Protestant. See, our topics range from the trivial to very serious. So even though, I have to wake up extra early for work on Tuesdays, this has become my favorite day of the workweek.

Day 9 of 30

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