Friday, July 27, 2012

Project Room Makeover: Bedroom

Remember this conversation I had with myself because I badly wanted to have our dream home?

So instead of just obsessing about building our dream home and not be able to do anything about it, I thought I should just do a home makeover at our present home. Make it more homey, make it feel more permanent. No, I won’t do it in a major way. Just a few simple changes and I’ll do it slowly one corner of our home at a time (kala mo naman laki ng bahay ko!).

I want to start in our bedroom. Here’s the current layout and furniture in our bedroom.

Here’s the moodboard I made:
Items 1-3 and 6 all from Ikea, 5 from Heima


  1. I want to get rid of all the plastic containers that we have and put them all in a drawer. We need a tall drawer since we’re cramming all of Miya’s clothes and our undies in that. Currently Miya has a 4-door drawer and 2 big plastic container of clothes. While Joema and I have one each of the plastic container. Need to find just one drawer that will fit all those. We don’t have enough space for two drawers, I think.
  2. I want a rack where we can hang our towels on a daily basis. (Where do you hang your towels to dry?). Yes, the ones we use daily after bathing. We need something to hang it on to dry. We usually hang it on the railings of our loft but it doesn’t make it a good sight.
  3. Need to maximize space so I think we can copy these hanging laundry bags. We can hang 3 laundry bags in a corner or wall of our room which easily segregates our clothes – one for me, one for Joema and one for Miya. Although, we might need big bags since our hamper is cleared out only once a week. We’re currently using a white plastic one. Again, an eyesore in the room.
  4. Want to change the computer chair to this. But need a cheaper alternative hehe. I want this because it also has a foot stool. In case, I get pregnant again and breastfeed the new baby- Yes, 2-in-1! Although no immediate plans for baby #2 hehe.
  5. Hang art in our bare walls. Maybe hang this across the wall at the foot of our bed and then hang our wedding photo at the wall where our bed is.
  6. I want this curtain thingy just before the railing of our room. So that we can feel our privacy at times. Not too permanent as a wall if we want to take advantage of our loft, but just enough to give us privacy.
  7. Will keep all the big furniture – bed, dresser and computer table.  
Here's hoping I'll get things done. Since most of the items on my moodboard is from Ikea (which aren't available here), I'm hoping I'll win Dainty Mom's giveaway of P10,000 worth of wardrobe organizing loot from Howards Storage World. Most of the items in my moodboard are really just to keep our space look more streamlined, organized. Since the birth of my daughter, our stuff has doubled. Before I never believed our friends who told me that babies have more stuff than adults, now I know better. 

I'm thinking if I should do a moodboard for our downstairs as well or start with the actual makeover in our bedroom first. Hmmm...I might get overwhelmed with simultaneous makeover projects but we'll see. Hopefully, this makeover project will help me get over the itch of having our own bigger home.


daysinawagon said...

Good luck Cris! I hope you win! =) Oh and enjoy making your house a home! ... Now you're making me want to do some decorating myself! =)

cris said...

Thanks, Pepper! Oh, I hope you blog about it..I love reading about the decorating you've done in your home.

daysinawagon said...

Cris! Can I just tell you na you're a genius??? You just gave me a great idea! --- I can keep daysinawagon private for my Adriana and I can just make a new one for myself! Yey! Oh gosh why didn't I think of that??? Yun nga lang baka wala din akong masulat! Haha! I'll keep you posted! =) Thanks for the "light" Cris! =)

cris said...

Pepper! You're so funny! Let me know how it goes ha! Parang I want to try Wordpress nga e since I see some blogs using Wordpress where they can have some private entries. Actually now, my other blog di ko rin nagagamit coz I just blog here. Hirap to maintain two blogs. But that's just me.

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