Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Where To Stay in Manila: Pan Pacific Manila

How was your long weekend? We didn't really have a long weekend because both hubby and I had work last Friday. Nevertheless, we enjoyed the weekend. I'm sure some of you went out of town or out of the country for the long weekend. We love doing that, too. But sometimes we just want to stay in the city and check into a hotel - staycation as they call it. We didn't actually do a staycation this weekend. Joema and I booked a room at Pan Pacific Manila last October. This was supposed to be a preparation for me and for Miya to sleep away from each other as I've mentioned here. But as luck would have it, my mission was cancelled. But since hubby already paid for the gift certificates from the hotel, we decided to just push with our initial plan and book a room just the two of us. We haven't done this since Miya was born. We definitely needed the alone time as a couple.

I wanted to do a series here in my blog (naks series!) on hotels or inns or room rentals. Most of the time when I do research on where to stay in a place, I rely on blog reviews or usually Tripadvisor reviews. I want to see actual photos of the place, too. Sometimes it's hard to research on how the rooms really look like. I usually want to see how many beds, what type of bed (queen or single bed), what the bathroom looks like, what are the views of the hotel room. Of course, if you rely on the hotel's website for sure this will be really good photos. Sometimes, the hotel really looks good but there are also times when the publicity photos are just too good compared to what's really there. So with this series, I want to post photos of the place we've stayed in, photos will not be edited but also please note that I don't have photography skills so the photos will not be as good as the website photos.

Whew, long intro sorry. Anyways, we had GCs for a deluxe room in Pan Pacific but when we checked in we were upgraded to an Executive Room.

Room: Executive Room
Level: 20th Floor

This is along the foyer when you enter the room. The door to my back is the door of the bathroom.

When you enter the bathroom, to your left is the shower and the toilet on the opposite corner.

To your right is the bathtub with a small TV. The bathroom opens up to the room. That's my hubby hehe.
We weren't able to get a King sized bed but the two beds were okay. These are two double beds (not queen sized).

Another view of the beds from the window with the peek of the bathroom

The study at the corner of the room

The view from our room. The room had huge bay windows.
Toiletries - pretty complete to me.

Bathroom essentials. I'm not familiar with the brand but its Yu'i.

Pan Pacific Manila
Adriatico cor. Malvar St. Malate Manila Philippines
Tel no. +63 2 318 07 88


West Side Long Term Stay Hotel in NYC said...

The hotel looks awesome. Thanks for sharing

daysinawagon said...

Hi Cris! I've been to Pan Pac but have yet to try staying there. My friend used to work there and she tells me its super sulit! Mukha naman =) I hope you had a romantic staycation with your hubby =) We badly need that too! This post of yours served as a reminder ;) Have a great day Cris! =)

cris said...

Pepper, yes we had a romantic time ;) will blog about it soon!

union square inn new york said...

That's really an awesome hotel with some best facilities being provided..

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