Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Miya Daldal: Weh Di Nga?

Last night before bedtime, Miya was telling me to stand up, carry her and sing for her. Well, I’m actually starting to ask her if I could make her fall asleep that way instead of her nursing. I’m ready to wean her from breastfeeding and I think this will be the hardest part but that’s for a different post. So yeah, last night she told me, “Mommy, tayo tayo buhat (Mommy, stand up and carry)”. Then I answered, “Huuu di ka pa naman magsleep e.” And then she said, “Weh, di nga?” hahahaha! I know her yaya teaches her to say that phrase but it’s the first time I heard her say it correctly and on her own. Laughtrip tong anak ko!

Speaking of anak, she imitates how I say it. The other night I was not feeling well and she kept on asking to be nursed. But she keeps on nursing for a while and then goes to her dad to play and then goes back to me again to nurse and then goes to her dad to play. She’s been doing this a couple of times so I told her “Anak..” in a frustrated tone. Last night, when her daddy asks her to say it she says “Anak” in the same tone as I did. It was so funny! Seeing a toddler say “Anak” like a grownup!

When she wants to be carried she says “Sama” and then holds up her hand. I don’t know how it began but she suddenly started saying her S’s with an H like Sh. So she now says it “Shama”. My hubby was making fun of her and told her to say it with the tone of how Kris Aquino says “Tama (Towmo)”. Now she says it “Showmo” with matching paawa face LOL! My baby is crazy!

Her daddy and her latest antic is what they like to call “Sisig”. Miya loves to be tickled. One time Joema was tickling her all over her body and naming her body parts as pork ulam like sisig, liempo (okay I forgot the rest haha). Sisig is when he tickles her cheeks and neck. Now everytime my hubby comes home, Miya says “sisig” hahaha! And the daddy will oblige and tickle her. It never gets old!

When we get home, we usually ask her if she played with our next door neighbor Cedric. Her usual answer is “Away” even though they didn’t fight. When we ask her what they fought about she will say “Shtick – O” hahaha! Her friend brings his snack to our place. And Miya eats faster than her friend, so she usually asks for more even though Cedric is not done eating his share yet. I had to buy her Stick-O after the first time they didn’t share the food. But I always ask my yaya not to let her eat it everyday. Haay!

And then we’ll ask her what she ate. She now enumerates the food she usually eats although she didn’t really eat all of them in one day “Kanin…guyay (gulay)…baboy…sabaw”

Let me end this post by sharing with you a photo of my hilarious daughter.

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