Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Miya Daldal: Almost Two

Miya will be two in a week’s time. Last week I received this email from BabyCenter: “My Toddler This Week: 23 Months 3 Weeks”

Your toddler can probably hum and sing songs such as "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star" and make three-word sentences, like "Cup fall down." She can probably follow a two-part request, like "Come here and turn around so I can comb your hair." Many kids this age also have fun identifying opposites like "tall man, short man," or "big block, little block." But if your toddler isn't doing all these things, don't worry. Children learn to speak at different rates, and your child may still be working up to this stage. 

 All of these are check check check for her.

She can sing songs:

 “Twinkle, twinkle little star” – Titay titay little star
 “Itsy, Bitsy, Spider” – It-it-it-it
“Old Mcdonald” – ee-ay-ee-ay-yo
“Alphabet Song”
“Happy birthday” – Happy doyrtday to you
“Ako ay may lobo” – this one she loves singing when she’s playing with Talking Tom. And when she sings it, the part saying ang pera ko, pambili ng lobo, sa pagkain sana nabusog pa ako, she conveys the correct tone and emotion. It’s as if she’s really regretting buying the balloon LOL!

Make three word sentences. She speaks in Filipino. Although we try talking to her in English too (pero di ko keri na straight English hahaha!) so that she understands. Anyways, she says, “Ate heram phone (pahiram phone)” or “Ay yagyag (laglag) Miya” When she built this totempole with her toys, she exclaimed “Wow Mommy, hindi yagyag!”

She’s still bulol. Her letter b she pronounces as d.  Her r and l is sometimes pronounced y. One time she was asking me for money to put in her coinbank, she goes “mommy peya” so I corrected her “Pe-ra”, she said “Pe-ya” so I did it again, “Pe-ra” and she went “pe-ya.” And then I had to try again “Pe-ra”, she finally said, “noney (money).” Joema and I both laughed out loud hahaha!

When we’re inside the car, we seat at the passenger seat at the back. I think she learned from me on how to react when her dad drives. One time, Joema braked suddenly, and she went “Daddy, ingat please” hahahaha! And then last Saturday, Joema kept on changing lanes and she said, “Daddy likot naman.”

I’m amazed she now knows how to use BIG Filipino words like tingnan or muntik. I think those are big words for her. One time when she and her daddy were playing, she called me and said “Mommy tingnan mo ko.” Or this one time when we left the house and then her shoes fell off she said, “Ay muntik yagyag shoes.” Well, for "muntik" she needs to learn more of this word. When we ask her, "Bakit...." she knows to start her sentence with "Kasi...." although she doesn't quite get on what will follow next. For example we ask her "Bakit umiyak si Miya?" she then answers "Kasi....iyak Miya." Hehehe! 

She can follow a two-part request. Another big word she can use is "habang" for example, “Mommy kanta habang dede Miya” or "Mommy dasa book (basa ng book) habang dede Miya." It's sometimes not a request but a statement of fact haha so we always remind her to say please.

Here she is "reading":

She has fun identifying opposites. She doesn’t know much of the opposites but she recently mastered small and big. She points to her rubber duckies and goes “is-mol duck, big duck” or when we read “Guess How Much I love you”, she points to the rabbits and says “is-mol rabbit, big rabbit.”

Sometimes I can't still believe how big she is now. And that it was almost two years ago when she was still a baby who just cries and sleeps and feeds. Don't grow up too fast, Babe! 

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