Sunday, January 20, 2013

Miya's First Dental Visit

On the Sunday, in between Christmas and New Year’s day we went to Megamall for the little gir’s first visit to the dentist. See she had a crack on one of her front teeth way way back. But just recently, the other had a crack too. You may have noticed it in some of her photos here in the blog. I got a little bit worried at how brittle her teeth was. She was only recently introduced to sweets haha. Well she had a lot of sweets during the holiday season so I was a bit alarmed. So we decided to bring her to the dentist.

We went to Little Ones at SM Megamall. We were supposed to go to Dr. Smile but when I called on our way there, the receptionist said that they were already fully booked and the next appointment time was at 6pm (I was calling around 11am). So I called Little Ones and was happily informed that they service on a first come first serve basis. Good!

We waited for a bit before Miya’s turn but there were a lot of toys in the clinic’s waiting area so she played for a little while. They also had a lot of books so I read her one when she got tired of playing with the toys. But she’s really so impatient that she got tired of reading too. Good thing it was her turn finally when she started getting a bit restless.

Playing while waiting for her turn
There were two lady dentists at that time. One of the dentists sat in front of me and asked me to hold Miya facing myself and then I’ll let her head rest on the dentist’s lap while Miya’s legs are wrapped around my waist (so that she won’t fall if she moves). MIya didn’t want to lie down so we had a hard time. The other dentist said that she might cry but that’s okay as long as they are able to see her teeth. Haay. She cried because we had to force her to lie down. This is even after we practiced her saying “aaah” to the dentist and showing her teeth at home. Good thing though is everything’s ah-okay. And the crack is just a crack. The dentist said it doesn’t seem to be because of cavity because it doesn’t hurt her (as I confirmed to her). And that she didn’t see a hole in either teeth. She told us to brush Miya’s teeth twice a day and that we can continue using Sansfluo as her toothpaste. We also bought Sansfluo teeth wipes from the clinic. She also said we can start bringing MIya for teeth cleaning every 6 months. I had to ask if we’ll do the same position when they clean Miya’s teeth. They said that I will sit down on the chair and Miya will sit on my lap if Miya doesn’t want to sit on her own. This is actually what I was hoping they would do when they checked Miya. But oh well, hopefully next time there will be no more tears. They said they will only do the same position as her head on the dentist’s lap if she won’t sit on my lap on the chair.

We paid P500 for the consultation and P150 for the teeth wipes. We were also told that we can dropby the clinic anytime we’re at the mall and have Miya sit at the dentist chair so that she can grow accustomed to it even if they don’t get to clean her teeth (no fee for the just-sitting-down).  

In the end, I’m happy everything’s fine with my baby’s teeth. Sadly she cried during her first visit but I’m pretty sure she’ll get over her fright on our next visit just like how she eventually got over her fright of Jollibee.


joei ♥ said...

Your daughter is adorable!:)

cris said...

Thanks Joei! :)

Anna said...

Yehey!!! I read about that kiddie dental clinic before but couldntbremember the name! So glad you blogged about it!! Thanks Cris!

P.S. uy friend ko si Joei! We were in law school together, lower batch sya hehe #smallworld

cris said...

Anna, I think I met Joie 'online' thru your blog :)

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