Friday, February 22, 2013

Miya's 2nd Birthday at Our Fave Place

You know how I love celebrating with small parties. We did that last year for Miya’s first birthday, we had a series of parties for her. This way, we didn’t have to stress out about preparing for a big party and she got to blow a lot of "1" candle from her cakes. This year was no less different. For her first birthday celebration, we celebrated it with some of her Ninongs and Ninangs at our fave place.

She celebrated with her Kuya L. It’s just us but I wanted to have a theme for her birthday. I initially wanted an F1 theme but that suits our birthday boy more. So when I decided to get each of the celebrants a birthday cake, I searched for a cute theme for Miya. I thought I’d give her a Mickey Mouse cake but that would seem repetitive from last year since we already went to Disneyland so I searched for more. And I found a cute Lalaloopsy cake online. That was the peg I sent my colleague who did the cake.

Lalaloopsy cake for Miya and a Red Bull F1 cake for L.

I also made a “happy birthday” banner!

Our spread for the evening.

Singing "Happy Birthday" to the celebrants and blowing the candles.

So grateful to all Miya’s Ninongs and Ninangs and Tita for giving such generous gifts!

After dinner it was the adults’ time to party. Yes, I now drink alcohol but only very minimal* and Heili (who’s also breastfeeding) and I drink only wine and not the hard drinks.

The next day, it was time for swimming!!

After swimming the girls had a little pamper time. We called in the neighborhood manicurista and had foots pa and mani-pedi. Would you believe that that’s my first time to have a complete mani-pedi treatment? I had it once before for my wedding but I only asked my nails to be cleaned and only clear polish was used. But this time, I asked for a beige nailpolish hehehe. I can’t believe how lady like my hands and feet looked like after! And I can’t believe I only did this now hahaha! I regret not having a photo of my hands and feet after. That was such a milestone for me hehehe.

Then it was time to say goodbye again but not without some “class picture”.

Thanks so much again to Ninong T and Ninang H for letting us celebrate Miya’s birthday there!!!

*Keyllmom's article on Breastfeeding and Alcohol


Mommy G said...

I spy Amber's spaghetti and pichy-pichy! :) Well, at least I think it's Amber's.

cris said...

Yes, you're right! We love Amber's spaghetti :D

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