Thursday, February 21, 2013

Still Breastfeeding

If you noticed my post on “Miya Loves” one of the things I listed there is breastfeeding. Yes, my little girl is still breastfeeding – now, at 2 years and 3 weeks. I’ve stopped pumping milk at the office when the year started but she still nurses directly from me whenever we are together. As I have mentioned previously, it’s like drink-all-she-wants the moment I get home on weekdays even if she has just eaten or drank her milk or juice. When we go out of the house, I usually tell her that she can only drink milk while we’re in the car.We stick to this deal only when we’re out for a few hours. But if we’re out for the whole day, I can expect her to come asking for “dede” even with other people around. Well, this does not pose a problem really because when we’re out of the house the whole day, we’re usually really at other people’s houses or we're transferring from one place of the other so this means she can still breastfeed in private (at another room of our host or while in the car in the two instances). I don’t wear nursing tops any longer, although I still wear nursing bras when I’m out with her and I avoid wearing dresses (although I can wear buttondown dresses) so that it will still be easy to whip out my breasts for her. We are trying to talk her into weaning telling her she’s already a big girl and that she should drink her soymilk instead. I don’t think I need to anything drastic yet (one mom I talked to told me she put catsup on her nipple sas “blood” so that her son will stop breastfeeding). And I hope I won’t have to resort to that. But I’m hoping I can wean her from night feeding. She sleeps around 10am then wakes up between 3 and 4am to feed. And then again anytime between 5-7am. So I just need her to stop feeding at 3am. Nursing at around 5am is just about right since that would have been 7 straight hours of sleep for her. Iwill try out this sleep training that I’ve read. I’ll share it with you when I’ve been successful with it.


I’ve read this post written by Topaz Mommy: “What boobs are for”. She wrote: Whenever and wherever you are, just pop out the boob and nurse your baby!  And that’s what I do. Tips to mommies out there: when breastfeeding in public, don’t make a fuss out of it. Wear a nursing top or if not then wear a loose top that you can use to slightly cover your nursing child and wear a nursing bra. You don’t really have to expose anything else. If you’re just wearing a loose top,your child will cover your belly. I find that the more I fuss about nursin gMiya in public, the more other people are aware that we’re nursing. But if I just nurse her quietly, it just looks like I’m cradling her to sleep. Believe me, I’ve done this a couple of times. I’ve nursed Miya inside restaurants herein Manila (Tip: ask for a booth table or a corner table), inside a train in HK,outdoors at the Avenue of Stars while waiting for the Symphony of Lights show to start (it was freezing then!). You don’t want to believe me?

Exhibit A: Nursing in Boracay

Exhibit B: Nursing in Las Casas during the heritage tour (on her 2nd birthday)


Aimee Diego said...

Good job Momma! :) I've always wished I could breastfeed the little girl more than 6 months. You're doing an awesome job!

cris said...

Thanks Aimee! This is really a feat for us..breastfeeding beyond age 2! :)

M said...

Good to hear Cris that you are still breastfeeding. Idol! I am happy for you. O have breastfed Lia until she was 8 months so I know how hard it has been for you. It's really about drdication. Keep it up :)

cris said...

Thanks so much Marsy! It is a commitment to breastfeed your child. Hurrah to breastfeeding mommas!

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