Friday, August 09, 2013

Miya's First Field Trip

2 August 2013

We accompanied Miya to her first ever school field trip last Friday. Yes, both us, joined her. We were that excited! It was(is) nutrition month and part of their lesson in school was about healthy and unhealthy food. So we trooped on over to a nearby SM Hypermart with the rest of their class to learn about these. Our little family went there ahead of the other students and their companions who rode in the provided school bus.
My little preschooler.
Miya tends to cling to me whenever I accompany her to school activities. Well, actually this is the first time I attended one ever since the open class we joined. She didn’t want to let go of me so most of the photos had me with them. Here are photos of the field trip.

Where in the supermarket is Miya?
Talagang nasa unahan kami ng pila hahaha!

Hand in hand with her favorite classmate

Looking at the live fish

Getting her fruit salad -  the main activity of their field trip

Paying for her fruit salad

Good job, Miya!

Ah yes, di na sya nakapag-intay she wanted to eat the salad right there and then. Kaya lang she only wanted to eat the syrup and not the fruits hahaha


~currant7 said...

Galing!!! **Clapping sounds**
Miya's fieldtrip is so cute!

Can't wait to go through what you went through soon with C. :)

maqui said...

nakakatuwa ang pic with stage mommies na nagkakagulo magtake ng pics! hahaha

idea ba ng teachers yun yellow chain?! ang talino, in fairness! i will suggest that sa teachers ni Aki

cris said...

@Cheryl, I'm sure you'll enjoy accompanying C to his first field trip :)

@Maqui, yes idea ng teachers para dun hawak yung mga kids and naka-line talaga sila. Si Miya lang ang kulit ayaw humawak so I ask her to hold the hand of their teacher aide or the hand of her classmate. Kagulo mga mommies noh ahahaha!

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