Monday, August 26, 2013

MFO x googoo&gaga x Wooden Canvas

I know I’ve said before that I never win online giveaways. But alas, the thing with these giveaways is there is a 50/50 chance of winning if you join. Aside from that package I’ve won before from Mikka, I’ve won a workshop for my yaya from Manila Mommy and I’ve also won tickets from googoo&gaga to Mommy Mundo bazaar last year (although I wasn’t able to go thus forfeiting the tickets…sayang!). And then just recently I won from Tin of Manila Fashion Observer two wooden canvases from Wooden Canvas and googoo&gaga.
THE tweet!
You know how I’ve been a fan of gogoo&gaga ever since Miya was a little baby.

Miya has more shirts but I haven’t gotten around to letting her wear them heehee. Remember, I even blogged about Miya's feature on the googoo&gaga site?
So I was really beyond thrilled to have won Tin’s giveaway. My prizes included a 10x10 wooden canvas with a googoo&gaga print and a 10x10 wooden canvas with my choice of photo.

When I received the email from Audrey to choose a googoo&gaga print for one of the canvasses, I immediately zoomed in on the Got Balls design. I didn’t want to choose a design to which Miya already has a shirt/dress with the same print. I thought it would be redundant hehehe. Anyway, once Miya (or our future kid) outgrows the shirts we can have them framed. I actually chose a design that was already sold out.

And then for our own photo, I chose this photo of Miya wearing a googoo&gaga dress. I thought what better way to remind me of how I got the canvas by choosing a photo with Miya wearing her googoo&gaga dress.


This was an Instagram photo

As for Wooden Canvas, I’ve been curious about their products ever since I read Anna’s post about the store. See I even asked Anna how much their products were. And I thought it was awesome that they're doing canvases of googoo&gaga designs.

In less than two weeks after I emailed them my choices, the canvases were ready for pick-up! Here are the finished products!
I loved how Miya's photo turned out - like a sepia print photo but it's actually wood. And even if the photo I submitted is not high-resolution (less than 1MB) , the finished wooden canvas looked awesome! I would love to have more photos of our family printed by Wooden Canvas.
Once again, thanks to Manila Fashion Observer, googooandgaga and Wooden Canvas! 


~currant7 said...

Congratulations on the win! The items are so wonderfully cute and awesome!!!

The nearest Ikea branch from Disney would probably be the Causeway Bay branch and I believe you'll be visiting Hong Kong side? The other branch is at Megabox (further out) and up top might be Sha Tin (New Town Center). You can visit Causeway Bay and check out Ikea there. :) I know though that the branch in Megabox is nicer/bigger and has a bigger sit-down restaurant.

cris said...

Thanks so much, Cheryl!

Sharina Macainag said...

Your Miya is a beauty!! :)
Congrats on winning the giveaway - ang cute ng dress!

Thanks for the update on mywoodencanvas. I checked them out before but you have to go to the branch in cubao expo to have it made pa. now, high-tech na pala sila you can order online - yay for this!! Will place an order with them asap :)

cris said...

Thanks Sharina! I think you still need to go to Cubao Expo to pick up the canvas. That's what we did kasi. I'm not sure if they deliver na.

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