Friday, August 23, 2013

Miya and Maring

Most of us have finally gone back to the normal grind after the monsoon rains and typhoon Maring during the week. I stayed cooped up in our house on Tuesday during the height of the rains and floods around the Metro. My parents have again evacuated to our place. Good thing, the water didn't enter their home this time around. We have Miya to thank who kept all of us entertained. She played with her playdoh set the whole day with me, her Lola and Lola and Ninong alternately.

She said she's taking my picture with the playdoh tub :)
Now she's using the tub as a hat

Her Ninong made her a microphone and asked her to sing for us. To which, she willingly obliged. Here are videos of her singing.

Haha can you hear us cheering for her? :) Hope you're all safe and dry! Have a happy weekend!


Joy said...

Clap! Clap! CLap! Galing ni Miya!

cris said...

Thanks Joy!

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