Tuesday, August 13, 2013

A Potty Training Story

Once Upon a Potty by Alona Frankel

That photo was taken around March this year (that makes Miya 2 years and 1 month old then). I bought the book to start Miya on potty training*. The book introduced the use of the potty and that she needs to sit on it and pee and poop on it. So we started not putting diaper on her around that time. I know I've mentioned here before that we started her on potty training even before March of this year but it was only since then that we've been really consistent. At first there were accidents, she would pee on wherever she was and THEN tell us “Mommy weewee”. There were also some incidents that she pooped on the floor. Unfortunately for yaya, this happened when they were the only ones together so I never witnessed this. There were also times when she won’t tell us she wants to pee but once we take her to the potty, she’ll pee like there’s no tomorrow hehehe. But we’re almost there, I think. We can now spend a whole day without wearing a diaper because she can tell us that she wants to pee. Although, we still put on her diapers when we go out for long car rides and when she sleeps (sometimes during the day and every night). Miya can even go to school without her nappies on. But yaya sometimes put diapers on her when she thinks Miya will poop during class. That’s the thing, Miya poops only when she has her diaper on. So usually it’s when she wakes up or in the afternoon after she wakes up from her nap or she waits until before bedtime when we put on her diaper. So that’s our remaining problem. She doesn’t want to wait for her poop to drop in the toilet bowl. Yes, my very impatient daughter doesn’t want to wait hahaha. Last weekend, I insisted on that she needs to poop on her potty or in the toilet bowl. That time, she will sit once in a while in her potty (which we put in the living room for easy access) but she couldn’t finish the deed. But I know she really needs to go because she’s “pushing” (umiire). I will also make her sit on the toilet bowl but again she’ll become impatient and tell me she doesn’t need to poop. We did this back and forth I think 3 to 5 times in 30-45 minutes. She tells me she only needs to “pee” so she sits on her potty or the toilet bowl. After a while she said she wanted to pee on the floor of our bathroom. During the early stages of her potty training, we let her pee on the floor instead of letting her sit on the toilet bowl. This time after she peed, she stood up and then she couldn’t control it anymore so the poop dropped hahaha! Hay naku! I had to scoop up her poop up to flush it down the toilet bowl.
So we still need to train her on this. My action plan is ask yaya to take out her potty (yaya already hid it somewhere) so that everytime she needs to poop, she can sit on it while watching TV. I hope this will make her more patient in sitting down and waiting for her to poop.

* Using books in teaching her things has been very helpful to us. The first time I used a book to introduce her to an acticity and prep her for it was a book about going to the dentist.

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